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One universal membership offers you access to all FIT40 classes and the FIT40 Boutique Gym. Choose the payment plan below that best suits you.

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With a FIT40 membership you gain access to all FIT40 classes as well as the FIT40 Boutique gym.

Our classes take place in a state-of-the-art open-plan functional space with an exquisite 360-degree view of the Cape Winelands. We have kitted this space out with high-grade flooring, essential strength and conditioning equipment as well as top of the range air-based cardio to torch those calories

FIT40 Boutique is located downstairs, filled with all the toys you need to keep in shape.


FIT40 classes are group-based and make use of variations in functional strength and cardiovascular conditioning for you to burn a maximum amount of calories in a 40-minute timeframe. Build strength, burn fat and sculpt a functional physique to be stronger for longer.


We offer two Pilates classes a week to change the pace and give you the opportunity to focus on building a stronger foundation. Pilates focuses on strengthening abdominals, lower back and glute muscles in a holistic manner to realign the body and eliminate muscular imbalances that lead to general, avoidable aches and pains.  

PErsonal Training

Not all of us thrive in a group-based environment or feel comfortable with training alone. Our personal trainers are experienced practitioners, there to help you find your feet in the gym and stay strong on the path to achieving your goals. Get in touch and let us start on the journey together. 

Standard Rates

Pensioners & Students

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