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Functional Intense

FIT40 classes run the same workout throughout the day, making it easy for you to fall in at your convenience.

Our programming will take you through solid strength and cardiovascular foundations in order to progress towards more complex functional intense training workouts that scorch calories and melt fat.

With limited space, booking is essential. 

Come ExperiEnce FIT40!

The FIT40 experience is built on the foundation of strength, cardio and high intensity interval training. We takes groups through cycles of fitness training that do not only build stronger individuals, but build tight knit groups. FIT40 is about getting fit, having fun and making friends. Come join us!


In the initial stages, the goal is to build a fundamental strength foundation that will later lead to increased performance and higher output. We apply strict structural movements with heavier loads in work-to-rest ratios that allow you to adapt and grow strong over time.


Cardiovascular conditioning involves spending more time in the aerobic fat burning energy system. We combine structural movements, using lighter loads, with conditioning tools such as air bikes, ski ergs and indoor rowers. The whole body is worked at a lower intensity over an extended period of time to increase endurance while forcing the body to remain lean and efficient.

Functional Intense Training

Once both strength and cardio foundations have been built we move into the Functional Intense Training zone. Here the focus starts to shift to being able to to extract as many calories out of a session as possible. Strength and cardio merge into strength endurance, where heavier loads and shorter work to rest periods challenge the body to handle the consistent stresses over time similar to those in everyday life. Functional strength = strong over time.

Your First week is on us!

When it comes to fitness we believe in testing and assessing. You can never know until you try it, but you must try it more than once. That’s why we offer you a week’s FREE membership to see how FIT40 works for you. You become a fully registered member to test the classes and see if they are for you. We know FIT40 is for you, but come see for yourself.

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